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patti smith

They say that whatever you’re going through in life, Aretha has been there too, and she’s probably recorded a song about it. Well, it’s not just Aretha. Just been dumped? Roy Orbison has the song to get you through. Furious about the state of the world? Patti Smith knows how you feel.

The Illustrated Book of Songs is a collection of lists about the music that makes up the soundtrack to our lives, featuring hundreds of songs, old and new, famous and not-so-famous. With intriguing trivia, comical musings and cool illustrations of your favourite performers, this book seeks to answer the big questions. Who really is Sharona? Was Blur’s Song 2 all just a joke that backfired? And might Paul Simon really have written The Sound of Silence while sitting on the john?

roy orbison
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The Illustrated Book of Songs
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